Monologue 2 Schedule

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Scheduled Time Student Name School Name Troupe Number First Selection Second Selection
Mindy Skates Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 Phaedre The Auditioners
Isabella Newton Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 The Glass Menagerie Richard III
Makini Lewis Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 A Midsummer Nights Dream Pipeline
Lee Harper II Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 Death of A Salesman Harvey
Stephen Pinella Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 Dear Evan Hanson Three Sisters
Kaliah Hamby Orange Beach Middle High School 10423 “Once Upon a Bridge There Was A Forest” By: Kristen Palmer “Class Heart” by Reina Hardy
Zykerian Portis Thomasville High school 5073 Pipeline tom sawyer
Avery Hale Hillcrest High School 5647 Rochelle’s Monologue from Sarah; Sarah by Goldfarb Scotty’s Monologue from All Kidding Aside by Charles Johnson
Patrick Wilson Jefferson County Academy of Theatre and Dance 398 Lennox from Macbeth This Can be No Trick from much to do about nothing
Olivia Head Helena High School 8105 Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang Brontosaurus by Lanford Wilson
Sariah Hossain W. P. Davidson High School 8445 The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe Richard III
Zariah Smith Paul W. Bryant High School 7404 In The Last Time You Were Nothing Before You Met Me
Lori Stevenson Magic City Acceptance Academy 10419 Circus Olympus Snow Show
Victoria Hibbs St. John Paull II Catholic High School 7374 Mean Girls Romeo and Juliet
Whitney Clark Thompson High School 5189 Coffee Table TBD