Below are the links to the Rules and Procedures for the Thespys. 

There will be preliminary virtual submissions via Flip prior to the High School Festival for the following categories: Solo Acting and Solo Musical Theatre Performance.  Students who receive a Superior in the preliminary round will be adjudicated again in-person at festival to determine Closing Ceremony Showcase performances.  Students with a Superior in the preliminary round will be allowed to compete at the International Thespian Festival regardless of results of the in-person performance.  The remaining Thespys categories and all Junior Troupe categories will be held in-person at festival. 

For the virtual submissions, the Flip join codes are below.  Troupe Directors may upload student videos or students may upload their own videos.

Solo Acting:

Solo Musical Theatre Performance:

Short Film:

If you are unable to upload your Short Film submission to Flip, please upload to another openly accessible platform (YouTube, Google Drive) and create a Flip entry with a link to your video.

Playwriting submissions should be emailed to

The deadline for preliminary virtual Thespys submissions is January 14, which is also the registration deadline.  Performances that receive a superior and qualify for in-person adjudication will be announced via social media and troupe director email on February 1.  The deadline to register for the remaining Thespys categories is the registration deadline of January 14.

We will continue to use our online adjudication system and online results will be provided to Troupe Directors at the conclusion of Festival.

Rules and Guidelines for the Thespys: 

Link to Thespys Program Guide, Rubrics and Training Videos

Please note that rights and licensing guidelines will be adhered to more strictly at ITF. For details, see: 

Link to Thespys Rights and Licensing

Please see the updated Dance Rubric for changes to Dance Individual Events.