Junior Thespian Advisory Team

Do you want to be an STO/JSTO? Sign up for the JAT here!


The Junior Thespian Advisory Team (or JAT) will be a team of 6th-8th grade students who are interested in leadership within the Alabama Junior Thespian Society. They are invited to sign up through a google form and are encouraged to attend Virtual Leadership Day on November 7th. These students will be involved in preparations for Junior Festival in 2021 and will learn about Junior Thespian leadership/JSTO through virtual meetings and activities. The team will be led by the JSTO coordinator and the Junior Thespian Chair and Co-Chair. Students must be signed up by January 16th.

What will the JAT do?

Starting in December, we will hold monthly virtual meetings where members of the JAT will begin the process of learning about what a JSTO is, and what they do. From there the students will follow the Junior Chair and Co-Chair and will be involved with the different jobs they perform. For example, students interested in being a part of social media will help come up with ideas, and help make graphics.

Who will make up the JAT

Any 6th-8th grade student who signs-up through the google form will be on the team. From this team, we will choose 4 students to be the JSTO 2021-2022 board in February. Only 6th-7th grade students are eligible to be a JSTO. These students will be chosen based on how well they performed in the JAT. However, students who sign-up for the JAT, are not required to run for JSTO. On the sign-up sheet, there is a spot for indicating whether the student wants to run for a position on the JSTO 2021-2022 board or not. This indication does not guarantee them a spot on the board but will make sure they are involved in the interview processes at festival.

How will the JAT look this year?

Students on the JAT will attend monthly virtual meetings with the JSTO Coordinator, Junior Chair, and Junior Co-Chair. The JAT will assist in leading workshops (in association with the Junior Chair & Co-Chair), as well as have their own workshops to attend (specific leadership workshops) at festival 2021. They may also assist in other activities such as opening/closing ceremonies, depending on how the team performs and how festival is structured.


For more information and any questions, we will be holding 2 informational sessions over Google Meet. Session 1 will be held on November 7th at 3 pm, and Session 2 will be held on November 14th at 2 pm. If you would like to attend, please email althespianjsto@gmail.com,  specifying which session you would like to attend.