Solo Acting 1 Schedule

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Scheduled Time Student Name School Name Troupe Number First Selection Second Selection
Daivyn Hughes Decatur High School 4141 Someone Saw Me TBD
Dalton Stults Russellville High School 4104 “Was ever woman in this humor wooed?” from Richard III by Shakespeare Two Gentlemen of Verona by Shakespeare
Jana Crow Hartselle Junior High & High School 8419 Tracy’s Monologue Honour
Kaela Cronan James Clemens High School 8070 Mind Trick Mean Girls
Lily Lott Mountain Brook High School 533 TBD TBD
Finn Lightner Mountain Brook High School 533 TBD TBD
Josie Gagliano Mountain Brook High School 533 TBD TBD
Braeden Latner Hillcrest High School 5647 Immortality Speech Smoke
Daija Lanier Hillcrest High School 5647 I Completely Blacked Out Annie’s Monologue
Justin Scurlock Davidson High School 8445 Ethan from Alternative Ending Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream
Jakobi Johnson Thomasville High school 5073 Hello Goodbye Peace Red
Anniston Hunt Thomasville High school 5073 Laundry and Bourbon Jawbreaker
Zykerian Portis Thomasville High school 5073 Midnight in the Marigny The Colored Museum
Autum Robins Colbert Heights High School 8487 Sweet Bird of Youth Tomorrow’s Wish
Lillie Hogue Cullman High School 142 Veruca Salt’s Monologue Mary Hatch Bailey’s Monologue
Lucy George Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 Quality Street The Profession
Maddox Good Alabama School of Fine Arts 4314 The Taxi Cabaret Chicken Bones for the Teenage Soup
Kenslee Gray Colbert Heights High School 8487 Exit; Pursued by a Bear What I Want to Say but Never Will
Antonio Carpenter Minor High School 4452 Survival Code Dearly Departed