Playwriting 2 Schedule

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Scheduled Time Student Name School Name Troupe Number Selection
5:00 PM Isaiah Banister Enterprise High School 1039 Pupil
5:10 PM Jerryll Collins Minor High School 4452 Original Work Thieves Gambit
5:15 PM Kathryn Brasseal Gardendale High School 5495 The Downfall of a Queen
5:20 PM Kylee Little Hartselle Junior High & High School 8419 Mangled Mania
5:25 PM Mariah Hardie Jefferson County Academy of Theatre and Dance 398 The Summer Project
5:30 PM Skylar Matthes Enterprise High School 1039 Anything
5:35 PM Theo Spencer Vestavia Hills High School 1437 Shrimply Poetry
5:40 PM Emma (Eda) Partain Florence Academy of Fine Arts 2273 Midnight
5:05 PM Jackie Benefield Minor High School 4452 Original Work