Jr. Male Monologue Schedule

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Scheduled Time Student Name School Name Troupe Number First Selection Second Selection
9:05 AM Zane Morgan Dunbar Creative and Performing Arts Magnet School 89113 Someday I’ll get you; Red Baron (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown by John Gordan) There was a time for this law; but not anymore (Footloose the Musical by Dean Pitchford; Walter Bobbie)
9:10 AM Spencer Wilkinson Dunbar Creative and Performing Arts Magnet School 89113 The Courier (From The Courier by Carol K. Nack) Elwood’s Monologue (From Harvey by Mary Chase)
9:15 AM Nicola Awwad Florence High School 89536 Among Friends and Clutter Ms. Spitspot’s Spick and Span Play Place
9:20 AM Avery Thead Florence High School 89536 Love Letter to Suzy Broken Hallelujah
9:25 AM Radford Scott Florence High School 89536 Struck by Lightning Football Romeo
9:30 AM Andrew Miller Orange Beach High School Unknown Unknown
9:45 AM A’Neal Sparks R.F. Bumpus Middle School 0 You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown Lockers
9:00 AM Josiah Toone Berry Middle School 88177 Pressure by Lindsay Price Circus Olympus by Lindsay Price
9:40 AM Alex Momoh The Alberta School of Performing Arts 89511 Middle School Graduation Deeper Than Skin Deep