Tech Challenge/Improv Face Off

Are you ready for a Tech Challenge?!

You will be expected to execute 3 to 4 of the following activities.

  • Costume Quick Change

  • Prop Shift

  • Cable Roll-up Relay

  • Leg a Platform

  • Thread a Sewing Machine.

  • Hang and Focus a Lighting Instrument

  • Knot Tying

Each team must consist of seven members with at least TWO representatives of each gender.

To successfully register a team for the tech challenge, please note the following:
1. Review the tech challenge handbook.
2. There will no longer be the option of individual participants.
3. Each school may only register ONE (1) team.
4. You will indicate which students are participating when you complete Festival Registration.

Is an Improv Face Off more your speed?!

IMPROV FACE OFF: The Improv Face Off uses teams of five players who have been working solidly on the games that will be scored by the Improv Face Off moderators. This event will take place during an evening session the opening night of festival.

Two games will be utilized for this event:

First Line, Last Line – Each team will pull two pieces of paper with random lines written on them. The first line pulled must be the beginning line of the sketch. The second line pulled must be the last line of their sketch. It is up to the team to fill in the middle part of the scene.

Three Suggestions – Each team will pull one piece of paper from each pile of Location, Object, and Profession. These three suggestions will be the basis of their sketch.

Participants must learn the games that will be adjudicated at the event prior to arriving at Conference. Teams are expected to practice these games and learn their rules to the best of their abilities.
For this event, five players are on a team that represents their school. The team with the highest cumulative score will be announced at the end of the event and will be determined the champions of Improv Face Off. The Moderators may award individual students special recognition if they feel a student has performed exceptionally well.

At the event, each team is given a choice of which game they would like to use. After the suggestions have been given, each team will have 3 minutes (No more!) to prepare a sketch. Each team will perform in front of the audience and be adjudicated by the moderators. Each sketch should last no longer than 3-5 minutes. It is very important that each sketch have a CLEAR beginning, middle, and definite end so use your time wisely! Also, the more characters each player has at their disposal prior to arriving, the faster they can put together a sketch. It’s much easier to be able to plop a familiar character into a situation rather than create one from scratch in such a short period of time.

Points are awarded based on :

1. Each group’s ability to play together as a cohesive unit. The games in this event are to be played by all members of the team. Group participation and each individual’s ability to participate in a way that helps build something unique and as a team is essential. This most definitely includes being able to give and take focus in a way that is polite and helps to share the stage without railroading one another.

2. A group’s ability to follow the rules set forth by the Improv Coordinator. This is especially important, as many games are taught by different names or with slightly different rules. If any of the teams have clarification questions about how to play the games, they need to contact the Improv coordinator for clarification so as not to rehearse the game differently from other students.

3. Ability to play each game within the allotted time limit.

4. Playing at the top of their intelligence, i.e., no blue or shock value humor, please… & thank you! Any material that is deemed inappropriate will result in the disqualification of the team.

5. The scoring rubric used by the moderators is listed above.

6. You will indicate which students are participating when you complete Festival Registration.

You may register for these events during Festival Registration.