Do you want to be an Alabama State Thespian Officer?

Being an STO is an honor in so many ways! You get the opportunity to represent the arts in your state and advocate for something much bigger than yourself. You get to be a part of organizing and planning for the thespian festival. You will be required to attend meetings throughout the year to plan events and details for festival. You get to put your mark on a state festival and work towards making it bigger and better each year!!

What is a State Thespian Officer?

An Alabama State Thespian Officer (STO), is part of the leadership team that produces the Alabama Thespian Festival. This elite group of students pick the festival theme, plan the festival schedule and conduct leadership workshops. Other duties include ongoing outreach designed to inform Alabama junior and senior high schools about the benefits of membership in the Educational Theatre Association and to increase the participation of these schools in the International Thespian Society (ITS). Each student member serves for one year from the conclusion of festival.

How are the STO elected?

First, interested students should reach out to their current STO representative in the state.  The process will also involve filling out an application either at festival or by following the link below.   Once your application has been turned in, you will receive information on a one day leadership camp.  This camp will allow the organization to get to know your personality, leadership skills, and how well you can work with your peers.  This one leadership camp is a requirement for you to be considered for a position on the STO board.  At the conclusion of this leadership workshop, ten students will be invited to a summer leadership retreat.  The weekend summer retreat is for planning festival and growing closer as an STO board.   Attending the summer retreat is also a requirement to remain an STO.

Where are the meetings, how do I get there, and where do I stay?

Transportation to and from meetings is the responsibility of the STO. Some students carpool, but you must always be prepared to arrange for your own transportation. Meetings will not always be in your hometown; there may be times when board members stay overnight in a hotel or in the home of another board member; always under adult supervision. It’s important that your parents are aware of this commitment.

Will my Troupe Director be required to be on the Adult Board if I am a State Thespian Officer?

The Alabama State Thespian Festival runs on volunteer power. We depend on the involvement of Troupe Directors to function effectively. While we highly encourage your sponsor to help organize the festival in some way, we do not require troupe director involvement. Likewise, Troupe Directors wishing to be involved need only ask.

Do I have to have a knowledge of technology in order to serve?

You must have access to the internet and the ability to communicate via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email on a regular and consistent basis. You must have an account on each listed social media as well as a personal email address. A basic knowledge of simple word processing programs is essential.

Do I have to be an inducted Thespian?

Yes, all State Thespian Officer candidates must be inducted Thespians.

Duties and Responsibilites

General Necessities/Duties for all STO:

  • Come to ALL scheduled meetings.
  • Festival weekend, Thursday through Sunday
  • Leadership retreat for the STOs in the month of March.
  • Lead the Alabama Thespians as a good role model and embody all that is expected of an up-standing Thespian.
  • Have regular access to a computer and the internet. A microphone is a plus. In case weather forces us to cancel, we will SKYPE our meeting.
  • Serve as a Goodwill Ambassador for the ITS.

Regional Representatives:

  • Via personal contact, reach out to those schools in your region that do not have chartered Thespian Troupes. Provide information and possibly make personal visits. This may involve more transportation on your part.
  • Coordinate with the adult board and contact schools with thespian troupes personally inviting them to festival.
  • Assist STO Advisor and Chapter Director as needed.

Actual Job Descriptions:  


  • Record minutes at STO Meetings, type them up, and send them to other board members, the STO advisor and the Chapter Director in a timely fashion.
  • Collect contact information for all board members and distribute a comprehensive list before the first meeting in May.
  • Assist Webmaster and Chapter Director as needed.
  • Distribute information to STO throughout the year.
  • Update the STO Manual as needed.

Vice President:

  • Develop and plan for the implementation of the Honor Troupe evaluation.
  • Create a comprehensive list of workshops, utilizing a wide-variety of offerings. Research workshop presenters.
  • Work within a budget to bring in artists and presenters.
  • Take the lead on development and planning of Leadership Workshops for festival.


  • Oversee all actions of the State Thespian Officers.
  • Act as a liaison between the State Thespian Officers and the Adult State Board
  • Maintain contact with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.
  • Assist Chapter Director with board communications.
  • Take the lead on planning of Leadership Camp
  • Open the Alabama State Thespian Festival with a welcome speech.
  • Lead STO in the following activities:
  • Festival evaluation
  • Pre-show announcements
  • Theme planning
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Awards ceremonies

Social Media Coordinator:

  • Help maintain website throughout the year.
  • Assist Chapter Director with postings and updates.
  • Contributes to the festival program.
  • Maintains social media presence.

If Excellence and hard work are your way of life, the application form can be found by clicking here

All submissions must be digital.  Deadline for applications is December 13th.