Individual Events

Below are the links to the Rules and Procedures for the Individual Events. 

Submissions for the 2021 Virtual Festival IEs will be made via Flipgrid.  Troupe Directors will need to enter student email addresses when registering students for IEs.  These email addresses will be used to send students a code that will allow them to access Flipgrid for their events.  The deadline for IE submissions is January 22, which is also the registration deadline.  We will continue to use our online adjudication system to allow for remote judging prior to Festival.  Online results will be provided to Troupe Directors at the conclusion of Festival.  While all IE submissions will be digital, the following rules and guidelines will still apply.

Rules and Guidelines for the Thespian IEs: 

Link to Thespys Program Guide, Rubrics and Training Videos

Please see the updated Dance Rubric for changes to Dance Individual Events.