We are excited to announce that we will be holding a Virtual 2021 Festival on Friday, February 12 and Saturday, February 13! 

Here are the details:
1. Registration will open October 10th.
2. Festival Handbook will be updated at that same time with all of the digital rules for IEs and Chapter Select.
3. The cost of the festival has changed drastically. We will be charging a flat rate per school. This will allow as many students as possible to participate in the festival This flat rate does not include t shirts. The t shirts will be available directly from the supplier. They will ship it directly to you.
             a. Early Bird Rate: Thespian troupes are $300 per school
                                            NonThespian troupes are $350 per school
             b. Normal Rate:      Thespian troupes are $350 per school
                                            NonThespian troupes are $400 per school
4. IEs will be adjudicated  for the International Thespian Festival as we have always done with many of the same standards. The adjudiations will be digital and available online as they have been in the past. The difference will be that this year the selections will be filmed and submitted early. We will give medals for Superior performances, they will be shipped to schools. We will also select performances for a Showcase at the end of the festival.
5. We will be adding some new aspects to the festival! We will be having some amazing speakers for the festival. We are gathering Alabama natives who are successful actors, actresses and technicians in the professional world of theatre and film to share their experience with our students.
6. Send in your mainstages! If you have permission to film your shows or have created virtual shows; send them in to be Mainstages. Usually we have this time constraint of not being able to have more than 2 shows a year. Now we can have as many shows as we have submitted.
7. Sponsorship program. Our equity and diversity auxiliary made the decision to create a sponsorship program where schools can sponsor another school to attend the festival this year. If you know of a school that you would like to sponsor let us know!
8. Junior Thespians will be happening at the same time as the High school Thespians. We will break back out into two seperate festivals in 2022.

PLEASE READ YOUR DIRECTOR’s MANUAL for rule changes and policies