Virtual Leadership Day

Want to be a better leader for your Troupe? Attend Virtual Leadership Day!

What is Virtual Leadership Day?

Virtual Leadership Day is a day for students to learn how to become better leaders within their troupe. The State Thespian Officers, STOs, lead workshops for Sr. Thespians and Jr. Thespians. This year, we have four workshops around the topics of fundraising, advocacy, leadership in your troupe, and how to become an STO. We will also have an STO Q&A at the end of the day for Thespians to ask the STO any lingering questions.

When is Virtual Leadership Day and how much will it cost?

Virtual Leadership Day will be held on Saturday, November 7th from 10:00am to 2:00pm with a lunch break. This year, we are going virtual! Therefore, we will have all of our meetings over Google Meet. As always, Virtual Leadership Day is completely free. Yes, you can spend an entire day learning how to be a leader for free!

How to participate:

Students must register before Thursday, November 5th! Students can register with this link.

Junior Thespians! You can be apart of the Junior Advisory Team!

Virtual Leadership Day is also when the Junior Advisory Team, or the JAT, will meet for the first time. The Junior Advisory Team will be a group of 6th and 7th grade students who are interested in leadership within the Junior Thespian Society. They will assist the Junior Chair and Co-Chair in planning Junior Festival and other Junior Thespian Activities. The Junior State Thespian Officers, JSTO, will be selected from this group of students. JAT applicants will be required to attend Virtual Leadership Day. If you want to be on the JAT please contact Additional information for signing up will out soon.