Adult Board

Executive/Governing Board

Festival Board

  • Arts Education Liaison: Andy Meadows
  • Guest Artist Coordinator: Aileen Ziegler
  • Host/Festival Crisis/Site Manager: Karen Varner
  • Performance Coordinator: Silvia D. Scaife, Ph.D.
  • Performance Stage Manager: Mitchell Morin
  • Hospitality Coordinator: Vestavia Thespian Troupe
  • Auction/Raffle Coordinator: STO
  • Junior Thespians Coordinator: Diane Rowe and Ashley Perry
  • College and Scholarship and Awards Coordinator: Katie Dalrymple
  • Webmaster and Registration Coordinator: Grant Stephenson
  • Improv Challenge Coordinator: Jake Barrow and Wendy Morgan
  • Tech Challenge: John Jackson and Jane Ganey
  • Judge Coordinator: Ashley Bishop
  • STO Coordinators: Katie An Siegel and Laura Ashley Foster